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The Story of "Swamp Witch Metals"

    My name is Morgan Jones, I am the owner and creator of Swamp Witch Metals. I established this in August of 2020, at first it was just a way for me to start creating. I started with wire bead earrings, scented wax tablets, soaps and whatever else I could get my hands on to try. I have always admired those who could create things by hand, so when I first dove into Silversmithing I was immediately interested. I also fell in love with the creators, mostly woman, who were living a life I had always dreamed of, and so confident in their craft and in themselves. I crafted my first pair of turquoise studs in November of 2020 and haven't stopped since. I am completely self taught. Learning through YouTube, other smiths through social media who were nice enough to point me in the right direction, and trail and error.                                      Everything is handcrafted by me, in my make shift workshop in Delaware.

    Thank you to everyone of you have supported me in many ways, you have allowed me to live the life I never expected was possible. 

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