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Blueberry Iced Tea

I keep alot of fruit in my house, and if you don't know this, fruit stays fresh extra long in glass containers.

But of course, nothing stays fresh forever. I had gotten to the end of my blueberries and wated to use the rest up in a different way. That's the crazy thing about food. I was done with "blueberries", so I spiced hem up into something I wanted. And avoided waste by just throwing them out.

Little did I know I'd be getting more than one source of food from this.



Blueberry Iced Tea


Raw Cane Sugar


Your favorite jumbo tea bags


In a saucer pour in your container of blueberries, add a small amount of water and a good amount of raw cane sugar. Bring to a light boil, while the blueberries are boiling, I like to use my wooden spoon to smash as many as I can. Once the blueberries are reduced to what looks like a watery jam, pour that into a stariner over your pitcher. Fill with water half way up your pitcher. Bring 4 large tea bags to a light boil in half a small saucer pan of water. Pour tea into pitcher with blueberry mix. Mix together, ad money & more sugar to desired sweetness. Pour over ice, enjoy with fresh mint.

What you get once the blueberries are drained is what looks to be a blueberry jam :) I've never made jam, so I'm unsure if thats it to making jam, but regardless, the spread goes wonderful on bread and there was even less waste than I had hoped for.

Because if you're throwing food away ( and not composting it if you can ) you're wasting your money. More bang for your buck, more resourceful.


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