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Food Love.

If you follow me on social media, I've recently found myself a new hobby.

A dear smithing friend of mine I had met through instagram had inspired me to first, simply make bread. I ended up making a focaccia, topped with salt, and rosemary homegorwn by myself. Honestly a simple, yet super wholesome task i quickly fell in love with.

One morning I was feeding my dogs, a raw food mix, only topped with the best. Roasted & mashed sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, blueberries, tumeric, joint supplaments, maybe drizzled in local honey. Claim juice for the tourine. Making sure to rotate proteins. Watching and listening to their bodies. And I'll drill anyone about shitty dry dog food brands, shouldn't they know better nutrion for their own sweet angels instead of cancer filled food?

As I stand there with my hair a fucking mess, my dogs drooling at me wondering whats taking breakfast so long, not to sound cheesy but I had nothing short of "coming to sense" moment. To put it short, I don't really think twice about what I eat. I've leaned towards what the store has told me was "healthy" and that was good enough. But have done no real research of my own.

On top of that I've prided myself honeslty in being independent, but how independent am I if I rely so heavily on the grocery store? I'm not sure what area you're in, but the stores are starting to look bare again. Panic buying at it's finest.

What did households do before they could microwave a quick meal they went and bought pre-made at the grocery store?

They used their kitchen.

With that being said, that's what I will be doing more of and I will be sharing it more intimately on here for those who are interested. I plan on rambling on here, sharing recipes and random "homestead knowledge" I find along the way, as I learn to create my own homestead.

All recipes or creations will be made with the best materails I can find if possible. So ether local, organic, or grown on my own. The goal is to go to the grocery store as little as possible.

No I'm not perfect, but this is a good start just to be better and more conscious of myself and the world we live in. Simply reading labels and putting them back if I dont know an ingredient.

Recipes will be loose. This is a fun space for me to create in another way.

Cheers to expanding.

Cheers to connecting with you all even more.

- All my love,

Your Swamp Witch


Brown & Sugar Strawberry Breakfast Toast 1/11/22


Thinly Cut Strawberries

Homemade Bread

Vanilla Yogurt


Brown Sugar

Chia Seeds


Thinly slice strawberries ( if you have dogs give them the tops ), while you do this have two slices of bread toasting. Mix together melted butter and brown sugar, making a drizzle. Once bread is toasted, smear it with vanilla yogurt. Top with strawberries, drizzle butter mixture, and top with chia seeds.

Goes perfect with a small, hot cup of Oolong Tea & a cold glass of water.


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