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Homemade Cleaners

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

First off, let me tell you how wonderful baking soda & a little vinegar is for cleaning. Cheap and all nautral, and can pretty much clean anything. I deep cleaned my oven and washer using this simple solution and got the best results I've ever gotten. Why am I spending money on cleaners I, again, can't even pronounce ingredients to?

So I threw away all of my other cleaners, and started doing some research on some more DIY "homesteady" type cleaning recipes. Here are two I have fermenting at the moment I'm really excited for I thought I would share with y'all.


Citrus Wood Cleaner

Lemon Peels

Orange Peels

Mason Jar

Distilled Water

15 Drops of Cedarwood Essentail Oil

Splash of Vinegar

About a Tbsp of Olive Oil


Add fruit slices to the bottom of your mason jar. Fill mostly with distilled water, add in oil drops, vinegar, and olive oil. Give a good shake, place in sunny window for one week.

* I plan on moving this solution to a spray bottle when its done, and using this to spray my wood floors down with, then come over with with my steam mop, which I'll fill with distilled water.

Wild Pine Bathroom Cleaner

Harvest Pine


Mason Jar


Harvest your pine, rinse off under running water. Cut and pack into your mason jar, fill to the top with vinegar. Give a good shake, place in sunny window for a week.

* I also plan on tranfering this solution to a bottle, and using this in my bath tub. Cover bottom of tub with a thin layer of baking soda, spray pine solution and let foam up, scrub and rinse off.


I do have to say, the acutal process of making your own cleaners is kinda romantic. I found it super relaxing and makes me feel prideful in my little home I'm creating.

Pleasure in the small things, am I right?


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