Spiced Apple Oatmeal

Updated: Jan 13

How important is your morning routine?

I used to start my mornings off honestly scrolling through social media. I stopped that a while ago, and moved my phone away from my bedside table. But honestly my bad habits didn't stop, I'd wake up looking for something "quick" to eat, if I couldn't I'd normally go without.

But my new found apperication for food, has now made making breakfast honestly a fucking joy, and an important step in my morning routine. Taking the time to figure out what my body is in the mood for, and preparing it something wholesome is a good way to start the day, along with a hot glass of tea and two dogs staring up at me from the floor.

This meal is warm & filling, wonderful for my chilly Maryland morning.

Hope each of you find some type of solace in your morning routine, it really sets the tone for the day.


Homemade Spiced Apple Oatmeal

Loose Oatmeal


Half an Organic Apple ( Sliced thin & tiny )

Granola Clusters



Brown Sugar

Raw Cane Sugar


Combine desired amount of oatmeal in saucer with milk, start on low. Combine spices and raw sugar, turn on medium, remove when oatmeal is at your desired consistency. Top with granola cluster and sliced thin apple peices. Very top, sprinkle brown sugar.


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