Strawberry-Peanut Breakfast Toast

Sweet & simple breakfast. Perfect for topping on homemade bread and paring with hot and steaming green tea in your favorite mug, and a tall glass of cold water.


Strawberry-Peanut Breakfast Toast

Coconut Oil

Strawberries cut thin



Raw Cane Sugar

Chia Seeds

Baguette Bread

Maple Syrup


Toast bread. In a small pan on low, combine a table spoon of coconut oil, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a tiny bit of maple syrup, add in strawberrys once mixture starts to gently bubble. Flip strawberries and saute on the opposite side. Add peanut butter to toast, then add strawberrys. Top with cane sugar and chia seeds.

I can't tell you how long I kept the strawberries on each side for, again, just watch and listen to your food. And don't be afraid to fuck up. If you burn the whole thing, then atleast you know what not to do next time around. That goes for all of these recipes I kinda throw together from my sleepy stoner heart in the morning.


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